Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Someday (I am not perfect)

I will not make excuses. When it comes down to it I could say I got busy in Europe and didn't have time, or I had a job hunt once I got back to the US and then I started a new job, then 2 new jobs. The truth is, I read all these other blogs and thought my writing isn't nearly as good and do people really want to hear from me, and I am not consistent on topics. I psyched myself out.

I was listening to The Minimalists podcast today and they had a mental exercise (I love these) make a list of what you would like to do someday and on the back a list of everything you did today. Most of what we do today is not getting us to our someday. We don't want to look at someday in the future and realize too many today's got in the way. The first thing I saw on my someday was my blog. I love writing it, and I have forgotten that I am writing for me and hopefully it will help someone else.

Someone once told me most procrastinators are perfectionists. I was like "say what?" She said that procrastinators put off starting things because they know it won't be perfect. The more I thought about it the more it rang true to me, maybe it's true for you too. My new mantra has become, do the stuff you want to do least, first, then everything else will be comparatively easier. Back to a weekly (at least) blog from me, for me and for you too. Someday is today.