Wednesday, March 15, 2017

You Might be a Minimalist if: (my attempt at humor)

You Might be a Minimalist if: (my attempt at humor)

1. Everything you own could be replaced in a 2 hour Amazon spree.

2. You have two cups, one dirty and one clean.

3. A full size jug of laundry detergent looks so big you go to the dollar store for the sample size.

4. HGTV looks like the maximalist channel.

5. You only watch HGTV at a friend’s house, you don’t have cable.

6. Work shirt has a hole, where is the needle and thread?

7. Backpack has a tear, email the company, “we will give you a free replacement”, no, how do I fix it? “Fabric tape”, fabric tape it is.

8. The dog’s 10 Star Wars sweaters are now 5, he looks fabulous.

9. After 10 years you begrudgingly replace the pillow that has tripled in weight (eww, gross).

10. The phone with a completely spidered screen, which crashes and shuts itself off, whose battery barely makes it a half day and runs hot, is your phone.

11. The library is like Cheers, all the librarians know your name.

12. Your idea of fun on a Saturday is helping someone clean out their closet or watching someone clean out their closet on youtube.

13. You are constantly tetrising your things down to a smaller space.

14. There is no need for renter’s insurance.

15. And lastly, you hesitate the buy that awesome green PBS nerd tee shirt because you already have 2 tee shirts at home.

(Yes, these all pertain to me, lol)


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