Friday, April 28, 2017

Minimalism Sundays

Minimalism Sundays

About a year ago I started watching minimalism YouTube videos on Sundays as I folded laundry. From there it grew to include reading minimalist blog posts. Eventually I started listening to podcasts on my iPad. Now I call it Minimalism Sundays and I devote a good chunk of the day to it. I find it refreshes me for the week ahead. It gets my head back in the game so to speak.

    Having this set aside time also allows for reflection on any mistakes I have made during the week and to formulate a game plan for better decision making in the future. I still slip up and shop without a purpose on occasion. Sometimes I don't even realize I have done so until I am listening to the podcast and mull over their words. I have learned to forgive myself, move on and definitely to return it!

  All this came about when I read Marie Kondo's book The Japanese Art of Tidying Up. I typically do laundry on Sundays. I wanted to try out the Konmari folding method but I couldn't quite understand how it was done in the book. Naturally I turned to online sources and there was a YouTube video (there is a YouTube video for EVERYTHING). That led to more videos on how other people did the Konmari clean out. Which in turn led to videos on minimalism, then one-bag-living, then travel, nomadic living, digital nomad, build your own tiny house, capsule wardrobes, and oh my! I just loved it.

   I never noticed how bombarded we are with advertisements until I started to pay attention. We are hit with the message to shop constantly. Even while watching Tiny House Nation, a show specifically​ on downsizing and culling “stuff" on the first commercial break there are handsome people dancing around buying things on wayfarer with free shipping. They show them clicking the purchase then bam! It is in their living room perfectly set. During my YouTube videos on minimalism and nomadic lifestyles the commercials were on Carmax Superstore and Macy's one day sale. Ever notice Macy's has a one day sale every weekend? And they always have a “preview day” the day before. Anyhow between the side adverts on your work email, the radio ads on the way to work and the cute outfits your coworkers are sporting it is easy to be sucked into the consumerism vortex. And if you do, forgive yourself and move on, we are only human, with each new mistake we add a new lesson to our menagerie of experiences. Have a most wonderful day 😀

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