Friday, May 5, 2017

Pensacola Pack List April

Pensacola Pack List

We spent the weekend in Pensacola, FL so my bf could run in the Fiesta Five Flags 5k/10 run. When I stayed in Pensacola in January swimming was not possible. While it is much warmer along the gulf coast in winter then much of the rest of the US, we can usually get away with shorts at best. There are those intrepid few that swim, but as I grew up in New England and have had more than my fair share of cold in my life, I am not one of them. I loathe cold weather. Actually, cold weather is not the problem, it is slushy snow, black ice, cutting winds and months of zero sunshine that I despise. Funnily enough I believe it is mostly out-of-town visitors, tired of cold themselves, that actually swim here in the colder months.

    April, however, is a great time to be at the beach. Warm to hot days with little to no humidity, longer days with the time change, off-season pricing and almost no tourists. You can find whole stretches with not a soul for solo time. The water is warm enough to swim in. I could go on and on. Therefore my packing list changed from our trip in January to this last weekend of April. I almost forgot, there is one caveat to spring visits. The rain. You could find 10 days of nothing or 3 days of thunderstorms. I packed keeping this in mind. One more nugget, I have a 5 year-old chihuahua named Indiana Jones “Indy” for short. He always goes on vacation with us unless we are flying somewhere. I am including my packing list for him too (yes, he is a bit of a diva, and yes I am a first time dog mom, so I overpack).


1 swimsuit

1 coverup

1 pair jeggings

1 linen shirt

1 pair capri yoga pants

1 tee

1 tank top

1 pair athletic shorts

1 long sleeve tech shirt

1 dress

1 denim jacket (my go-to when I wear a dress)

1 pair flip flops

I was wearing work clothes when we drove over, since we left straight after work. Work clothes were 1 pair of khakis, 1 work tee and I wore my tennis shoes.





Travel size baby powder


Travel size shampoo/conditioner combo ( I don’t like hotel shampoo, dries my hair out)

Hair clip


Ipad/charger (could've left it behind, didn’t end up using it, I usually don’t so I am actually not sure why I did pack it)

Headphones (my nice bose ones, again, didn’t need, not sure why I packed them)

Camp/sport towel


Sarong (yeah I finally got one!!!! And as in the past, it is super useful for everything)

Sarong clip



Wool buff


Combo lock

Face mask

Beach chair

Swim noodle

Beach umbrella

Tom Bihn  Synapse 25

Tom Bihn Sidekick

Ultrasil sea-to summit backpack

2 Lewis and Clark featherlight packing cubes

1 Lewis and Clark featherlight packing cube

Things I would do differently next time

I definitely should have left the Ipad and headphones at home. When it is only a weekend trip they are really not necessary.

I forgot my earplugs! Of course the air conditioner was extremely loud.

I usually put a couple unused dryer sheets in my bag to make it smell nice, I didn’t this time. They really make a big difference.

Laundry bag, I really haven’t found a good one yet, but every damn time I travel I wish I had one.

I have also been toying with the idea of using shoe bags. I just toss them in now, but they can smell and in this case were covered in sand. A good set of shoe bags is most certainly on my radar now.

I also recently ordered the Matador Mini Pocket Blanket. There are several end of the year school events happening where it would be useful. In addition I used my sarong as a beach blanket this weekend because red flags were out and swimming in the ocean was banned so I did not need it as a cover-up. Normally I don’t need a beach blanket because of the chair, but our dog does need one as the sand gets hot. On our next trip I will use the Matador for him and my sarong as my cover-up/towel The sports/camp towel was for him, he likes to swim (He is a Chihuahua and gets cold easily if not dried).

One last item, not really an item, but act. I will change into my loungy clothes next time before leaving on a trip. The three hour car ride would have been way more comfortable in yogas and a tee.

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