Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Still Learning

Just a quick post. As I am sitting here on this beautiful little outdoor deck area at my college waiting for my first graduate school class to start, I have my Tom Bihn sidekick with a few extras inside, a legal pad and a can of Sunkist (don't ask, I just had a weird craving for one this afternoon). I am laughing at myself and the fact that even after 3 years of minimalism I will overpack without thinking. In fact I have to think hard to remind myself to pack light and for the best case and not the worst. Why is it in our nature to do so? There may be a blessed few of y'all out there whom naturally and instinctively pack light, but I am betting it is not the majority. Once again I shot myself in the foot and packed my beloved Tom Bihn Synapse 25 with everything I could possibly need for school and for work (I am working at a summer camp). Brainiac me, decided it would be very minimalist just to have one EDC (every day carry) bag for all my activities this summer. It was fine wearing it for 2 minutes from parking lot to classroom at camp, but walking around campus this afternoon? No ma'am! No, siree, I tell you what, it's hot! And it ain't light weight! It's not literally sliding-out-of-my-shoes-in-the-middle-of-Hong-Kong-dragging-a-heavy-ass-suitcase heavy, but enough for me to laugh at myself. If nothing else, I do learn from my mistakes. I went back out to my car, added a few things like glasses, a pen, a snack and a pencil to my sidekick and grabbed a notebook on my way again towards growing my future. What better place to learn from a mistake than at a place of higher learning during a return to school 12 years in the making.

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